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Social Skills Pretending Cards

Many children with autism and developmental disabilities have deficits in their social skills. Teaching them how to pretend can help them with peer play and imaginative play.


These social skills pretending cards can be used to help foster their pretending skills. You can teach these skills during intensive teaching or DTT sessions. Once mastered, you can use them as a game and have the child select a card and act it out. They can take turns with you and their peers. You can then use the cards paired with toys and objects in the natural environment to further foster pretend play skills.


Click the image below to check them out!


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Glitter Sensory Bottle


Sensory calm down bottles can be an excellent tool for our kiddos! Scroll down for directions on how to make this glitter sensory bottle:


Materials Needed:

~1 part Baby Oil

~1 part Water

~Empty VOSS bottle


~Food Coloring


1: Fill up bottle halfway with baby oil. You can use any oil, but baby oil is clear and settles faster than other oils.


2: Add some glitter to the oil. You can add as much as you want and use whatever color you want! I used multi-color semi-fine glitter.


3: Add 4 drops of any color food coloring to the water.


4: Add the water to the bottle and your sensory bottle is complete! I love to watch the glitter float around on the bottle, and if you turn it on its side, it looks like an ocean wave!

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